Tanna Vegetation and Land Cover Map

Tanna Island is the densely populated island in Vanuatu along with Efate by which forests degradation is prevalent. Larger percentage of the area on Tanna has been converted to shifting cultivation while forest cover is dominated by thickets followed low forest and mid-height forest.

Small-scale commercial forestry using mobile mills. Need for extension programs to promote community forestry, sandalwood plantations and agroforestry.

The island is culturally diversified with strong gender norms and strict custom governance structures. Home to the world re-known ‘Tanna Coffee’, the island also has the largest coffee plantation in Vanuatu providing employment opportunities including cultivation, harvesting, processing of beans and coffee production. Tanna is also the hub for the Tafea Provincial Government administration headquartered in Isangel with a growing urban town of the Lenakel Municipality. It is also a famous destination for international visitors accessing the world’s most accessible Yasur Volcano.

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