Vanuatu R-Package Report

Vanuatu R-Package Report Final – R-Package-Vanuatu June 2020-Final Version-12-7-20

Vanuatu National REDD+ Strategy 

Final Draft Vanuatu National REDD+ Strategy_Final Draft

Annex: Vanuatu National REDD Strategy Vanuatu National REDD+ Strategy Annex

Stratigic Environment and Social Assessment (SESA) and ESMF 

  1. Final SESA Report for REDD+ in Vanuatu Final SESA Report
  2. Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) ESMF Report
  3. Resettlement Policy Framework RPF for Vanuatu’s ESMF
  4. Process Framework for REDD+ Activities Process Framework
  5. Safeguards Information System Set-up for a SIS for Vanuatu
  6. Cancun Safeguards Cancun Safeguards in Vanuatu

More REDD+ Reports are now available;

Non-Timber Forests Product (NTFP)Reports:

  1. NTFP final report NTFP Value Chain Vanuatu FINAL with Annexes 30-11-19
  2. NTFP Field Work report NTFP-VC-Fieldwork Report
  3. NTFP Inception Report NTFP-VC-Inception Report
  4. NTFP Mid-Term Report NTFP Value Chain Vanuatu FINAL with Annexes 30-11-19
  5. NTFP Policy Brief NTFP Policy Brief Final
  6. Sandalwood Value Chain Report_NTFP Final Sandalwod Value Chain_NTFP Report

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Component Reports on National Forests Inventory(NFI):

  1. UNIQUE Inception Report UNIQUE Inception Report
  2. UNIQUE Preliminary NFI Reports UNIQUE-Preliminary NFI Report- Vanuatu-13.7.20
  3. UNIQUE Preliminary NFMS report UNIQUE-Preliminary NFMS Report-Vanuatu-15.7.20
  4. UNIQUE Situation Analysis Report UNIQUE-situational_analysis_report
  5. UNIQUE Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Remote Sensing-GIS UNIQUE-SOP for RS-GIS-Vanuatu
  6. UNIQUE NFI Field Guide UNIQUE-Field Guide for NFI vanuatu

Feedback Grievance Reddress Mechanism Report

  1. Report: Feedback Grievance and Reddress Mechanism FGRM Final Report

Analytical Studies Reports

  1. Report: Analytical Studies FINALREDD+ Analytical Studies Report_UNIQUE
  2. Policy Brief for Drivers of Deforestation Policy Brief Drivers of deforestations
  3. policy Brief for REDD+ Strategy options Policy Brief Strategy Options

REDD+ Mid-Term report

  1. Vanuatu REDD+ Mid-Term Report Mid-Term Progress Report for REDD+ with additional funding-Vanuatu-Revised-Final-1st Nov 2017

SESA Reports now available

Strategic Environment and social Assessment (SESA) and Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) can now be downloaded via the 'Reports' menu.

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