PTC Activities

The CWG is a mission team that advices and direct the REDD+ Unit and TC on specific issues in the national level. This committee comprises members of the REDD+ Unit, VGMD, Dept. of Forestry and TC representative.PTC has been involved in two major workshops. This is are;

1. Provincial REDD+ Inception workshop

This inception workshop is conducted by the REDD+ Unit and Department of Forests in all 5 islands. This workshop established the PTC members whilst introduces the global REDD+ concept, and discusses how Vanuatu could integrate to existing sector activities in achieving sustainable forests managements.

2. PTC Capacity building and Planning workshop

PTC as the lead implementation committee in the islands has the right to understand REDD+ undertaken as Vanuatu’s national Programme. Therefore a capacity workshop was conducted purposely to educate and capacity build the PTC members in all 5 islands. Another purpose of this workshop is to ensure they understand and take lead as provincial REDD+ authority whom they will ensure all activities and decisions will be of the interest of the decentralized communities.

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A : Department of Forestry
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